Reply To: Health Care vs "Show me the Money"

December 10, 2012 at 4:00 pm

Unfortunately, much medical treatment is limited by the extent of insurance coverage. Some rehab units are geared to a higher level of therapy over a shorter average stay, and these are more expensive. I went through two levels of in-patient rehab, twice each. I had some trouble getting admitted for my second trip through, because of concerns about my rate of progress. This is not entirely unreasonable. It is more efficient to give the most therapy to those who are responding to it best. The therapy must be matched to the patient for optimal results. Some patients will not respond as quickly as others, so will be placed in a facility providing longer-term care and a slower pace of therapy.

It does seem like the glossy brochure is somewhat misleading, but I suspect the rejection was more due to the insurance company than the rehab facility, and it’s just advertising anyway.

The only rehab facilities I know are the two I was in, which are part of the hospital in which I was treated. Both of these are short-term, expensive facilities, so likely not suitable. I suggest you call the local representative of the Foundation — she might have some suggestions.