Reply To: Has any one filed…

April 20, 2013 at 9:46 pm

I recently inquired a law firm and they took my case pretty quickly. They are in the process right now of collecting medical records from all the various places. I’m still awaiting a confirmed diagnosis, but they suspect it is transverse myelitis. I had a reaction 2 years in a row from the flu shot. In 2011, the noticable symptoms lasted only about three weeks. Yet, the 2012 reaction has lasted over 6 months now and is ongoing.  I have a team of neurologist from the Vaccination Healthcare Center at Walter-reed working on getting the diagnosis, they are just waiting on so MRI’s to arrive there. The law firm told me that a lot of times the Dept of Health and Human Services will fight the case but in my case they will probably concede and go straight to damages. They have already won a case of TM caused by the flu that was awarded 350k  which should help my case too. We were deferred from another law firm when we first started looking. The law firm we are going with now was only the 4th one we inquired. We tried some local firms but they all said they didn’t handle those kind of cases. Go to the VICP website or just google vaccine injury lawyer. Keep looking and somebody will take your case.