Reply To: CIDP and exercise ?

July 23, 2013 at 11:36 pm

Hi –
Other than CIDP I have always had excellent health. As a 20 year veteran of 10k running (forced in 2013 to slow down 20% and reduced the run length to 8.5k due to the breathing issue) I am very aware of changes happening to by body, and certainly did not expect to experience CIDP symptoms. But I have June 8, 2013 tried and cannot run a 10k at my normal pace and indeed even a very slow 8.5k is problematic. My breathing under normal circumstances is perfect – running a 10k with ease (NO elevated breathing necessary)!!

I do maintain that exercise may be the best treatment for my CIDP. I also do daily stretching to alleviate cramping and have an excellent diet. My diet is gluten free and this has alleviated my CIDP-induced digestive discomfort. I do not take drugs (other than IVIG) or vitamins. I avoid any exposure to chemicals especially those at home including perfumes.
I am taking a new round of IVIG and decided to track the results on my own website
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