Reply To: Bladder dysfunction

February 16, 2013 at 10:13 pm

When I first got sick 7 years ago, I could not go to the bathroom. I just sat and waited. Today, I still don’t have the sensation that i have to go until I am about to have an accident. Even then it takes effort to actually go. My doctor told me to see a urologist to see about a nerogenic bladder. I have not done this yet.

How long has your hubby been dealing with this? I am not sure if this will help with the UTI’s but my daughter has issues with recurring bladder problems so I have her on Cranberry capsules. She has improved and says she feels better. She doesn’t have GBS just the uti’s and bladder thing.

I really hope someone will post with better information than I have. I know healing is a personal thing, but from personal experience things seem to come back gradually as nerves come back online.