Regarding the Symposium

October 27, 2006 at 11:41 am

Regarding the Symposium

GBS/CIDP Foundation International holds symposiums every two years. They are held in different states of the US. The next symposium will be held November 2008, location to be announced.

Symposiums are excellent opportunities for patients and physicians to interact. We have general information sessions and have additional workshops to give practical information and teach skills to providers, patients and caregivers. Attendees will learn about every phase of GBS and CIDP from diagnosis, treatment and care to rehabilitation, emotional issues and research. For a listing of the 2006 symposium workshops please visit our website [url][/url].

By registering with the foundation you will be notified of future symposiums as well as local chapter meetings in your area. Most of our liaisons hold general and professional public meetings at least once a year; many liaisons will hold them more than once.

May is our GBS/CIDP Awareness Month and meetings are traditionally held then as are Walk-a-thons. Please visit our website, [url][/url], for upcoming events and Chapter Meetings.

Thank you,
GBS/CIDP Foundation International