Ravenous to read –

March 8, 2011 at 9:36 am

I agree with the majority – wait a bit. You have not even come close to the 2 year or five year recovery time. I do understand the hunger to read. I think it would be a neat post to list our favorite books. You are always good at starting interesting posts.
I take Bilberry extract for my eyes although they were not affected with the GBS. But they were affected 6 months prior when my vsion got blurry in my left eye and I felt spacey. Turned out to be the SOY cheese I was eating. Stopped that and my vision returned to normal in a few days.
I had trouble reading more than a paragraph – my brain wouldn’t focus. Turned out I had taken fish oil and it had built up in my system since it was fat soluable. My system was highly allergic and it took a few weeks until it left my system. Many of these problems we create ourselves and do not realize it. BAck to the Bilberry – the studies show that 75% of people who took it saw an improvement with their vision. I am taking it as preventative.
If you have recently turned 40, it is your biological clock doing it. Don’t know how the body knows, but it does. I just take off my glasses and can read fine. Same reason why I only wear one contact – one eye sees close up and the one with the contact sees far away.