December 9, 2007 at 5:55 pm

Hi Norb, We have a Dodge truck. I just stand and get up in the seat. Larry takes the chair to back. The ramps have a strap and a hook, he just attaches it to the tail gate and he powers it up. I have an outdoor chair cover to put over it. You may have something in you SUV they could hook on to. I loved the price after shopping on line. We have some smaller ramps I got on line, and they were $170 or so, and we can run the chair into the back of our Van. I didnt want to invest alot of money into a lift van, cause I still hope to walk someday. Most places are nice and let you try them. Good luck and get out there and look like you’re you gonna run people down if they get in your way:D Larry wants to put a long pole with a red flag so he can find me when I take off in a store—no way. Happy shopping Regina