Putting on shoes

January 2, 2007 at 9:54 pm

I used to put Nate’s shoes on and it was hard to do. He has bigggggg feet, size 15.
About a month ago, I came out to put them on so we could go shopping and there he sat with his shoes on and tied.
I was so surprised!
He puts them all the time now. Its so nice to see just a small improvement like that. Its hard to do things like that with shaky stiff fingers.
The other day we went to Walmart and they had some puzzles in the Christmas clearance section for 75% off.
Nate bought two of them.
I’m going to cut him a piece of skinny plywood so he can start doing them.
He can pull right up to the dining rm table and do them right there and I can move it out of the way when we eat.
Doing a puzzle should be good for getting back some dexterity.