Pregnancy and GBS

November 25, 2006 at 6:12 am

My experience dates back to 1973 when I was completely paralyzed and hospitalized for several months, with many more months of paralyzation. Becoming pregnant in the first year after the onset of GBS (though with the blessing of my neurologist) my first born is not neurologically strong. Now grown, she has experienced neurological problems. Did my GBS contribute to this situation? I don’t know and I doubt if we will ever know.

I would recommend waiting until you have good endurance and strength back. It takes a couple or three years to regain substantial improvement from GBS, at least it did prior to IVIG and plasmapheresis and steroids. I spaced out my children considerably, and depending upon the help you can pay for, or rely upon through extended family, you may want to do similarly.

This is a personal decision that each of us makes on the information available to us at the time we go through it. Best wishes to you. Keep us posted on your progress!