Picks used for Kansas…

October 2, 2006 at 9:07 pm


No, I did no use everyone’s picks from last week – that is not what I said.
[QUOTE]Here is what I know about this past week’s race. As of 7:00 PM (EDST), there were three of us that had made post for the race: Cheryl, Chrissy, and Jethro…So, did anyone other than Cheryl, Chrissy and me get their picks in for the Kansas race before the Forum shut down? I doubt it, and assuming not, then last week’s pick will be used for scoring.[/QUOTE] I do not know exactly what time the Forum went down. [U]What I do know, there was a window of opportunity for everyone to post their picks[/U] – and those that did will be scored accordingly. Those that did not…last week’s picks will be used.

It would not be fair (ex) for Cheryl not to receive 129 points for her picks because she got them in before the Forum chrashed – and score her with 89 points with last week’s picks.

The important thing about this is that we have a solution if this problem should happen again. (everyone read their private msg)

Warmest regards.