Perry! Nice shots! Ken Cheryl Allaug and Tim

January 27, 2009 at 11:10 pm

Wow! While I have been away the photo’s have been flocking in here! What beautiful snow sceneries and flowers that {Ken} took. Hehehe! Makes everybody in here wished they were living close by and enjoying that nice warm weather! Allaug what beautiful area you live at! And Perry what nice shots of your Prize pets! I can tell you really take good care of them. Tim those are nice shots! Cheryl what an awesome bird photo in that white wonderland!
Perry! You got to take some more photos. I’m dying to see your area you live in. Looks like you are in the country like me! And it’s alot of fun taking care of Prize Animals. They have a beautiful coat on them! I can tell they are your pride and joy. I have a total of 10 cats that are our pets and babies. Can’t seem to get them still long enough to get a shot of them. I’m about ready to take them outside and see if I get lucky but knowing them they will see the outside and let loose! LOL! Hugs