one week down….30 more years to go…!!

September 18, 2010 at 10:10 pm

It is a shame that you had to convince your well-meaning friends that you needed some quiet time at lunch. We have to be an advocate for our healing and solitude sounds very healing. Maybe the GBS horror that you went through is too fresh to discuss it with your co-workers. Perhaps down the road you might want to discuss it with them. I find that the more people I talk to and mention it, I either find that they know someone who has had it OR I use it to educate them…especially about the dangers of stress and immunizations.
Maybe you could use US as an excuse. Tell them that a survivor on this site who had GBS 2 Times (moi) advised you to get some down time – Alone – at lunch.. at least for the first few weeks/months.
Isn’t it great to have this family who are understanding … and available 24/7?? and you can visit whenever you feel up to it!!