OK don’t PANIC!? Please?

July 19, 2010 at 7:03 pm

I’ve got CIDP…the longer version? And yes, you just STOP eating, because the meds you are on change your tastes and it all seems bitter, dull or like it’s lived in a bucket for a week!
At my onset? I lost over 35-40 lbs. in less than two months! I knew I HAD to eat? So, I went out when I was able and got things that I found I could eat, and that settled well. If that means a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate? Well. That’s better over all that merely toast! Eat what you can. Try fruit salads from the grocery salad bar…they’re good for fiber and are slitely but not too sweet. Nuts of all sorts are good, walnuts and almonds are more a boost nutritionally but just eat what you like!
Yes your body is going to change! You are NOT moving and DOING what you have in the past. You can’t. You will have to build up slowly to get moving at all and longer still to anywhere near what you were ‘before’. Yes, there are ‘befores’ and ‘afters’? Don’t despair tho with ‘image’, THAT is not YOU! You are the mind and soul and spirit in the body-not the looks. Accept that YOU are soon to be simply a ‘different’ YOU.
Learn some good PT strength building exercises [your docs should have suggested this] and start out slow… don’t expect RESULTS in two weeks or the like. You’ve gotten a big hit/insult to your body and it’s not happy rite now. Work with your body, listen to it, and keep at it to get better!
Keep in mind? IVIG has a LOT if extra liquids in it to help you asorb it better, BUT you must be super hydrated before you even start! I know that I’d gain 5-7 lbs. from the prep and the infusion each time! I’d look like I was pregnant, and I definitely was NOT! I’d lose it after about 10 days, but it’s essential to getting it into you and working. Do NOT become a ‘scale watcher’! NOT NOW! Just work on exercising safely and properly and getting somewhat back to a new normal!
Hugs and good things!