Ok about feet? And PT…

April 26, 2010 at 7:34 pm

Treat your feet as IF you were a diabetic? Causes are different, but processes are the same?
This is technical, but do read the forward and the intro—they are key to learning about what all happens due to damaged nerves….
url-http://telemedicine.org/stamford.htm-http The part about diabetes in skin disease is what you want the good stuff on from the index…..
Next? Exercises for feet…most PT folks other than doing leg and body/balance therapies don’t address the feet. There isn’t a lot out there on feet, per se… this is a good web site for just about all PT moves? But not all…url [url]http://www.fairview.org/healthlibrary/content/sma_index.htm[/url] url… it’s sorted out by problem? But not by building up feet! The most PT folks usually suggest is to ‘take a thick towell’ in your toes and crunch it up? I prefer the pick up or squish marbles in-between the toes-then let go. A word of warning here? Don’t do these too often at first? IF it feels good? Still don’t! Why? Because you can get some horrid awful cramps in your insteps that will make you think you have broken your feet somehow! As for stretching? The standard hands on a wall about 1-4 feet from it and do sort of push-ups against the wall w/feet flat on the floor. Do more exteme ones as you get more stable and secure in the doing. Again, start out slowly, PLEASE! The pain from overachieving is NOT worth the gains.
I would talk to your new neuro, and also your GP? Doesn’t hurt to ASK for PT. Then the issue becomes finding GOOD PT…these days easier said than done…. A good PT listens to your problems at evaluation, then learns about your medical issues [if they don’t? Can be a problem?] Then works with YOU to do what feels like IT WORKS and is not hurting too much. Any Therapist who is too gung ho? Gets the heave ho from me! I try hard, but I also now have an idea of my ‘limits’? And if someone pushes me into an ‘unsafe’ or ‘uncomfortable’ zone for me? I am not gonna play that game! I certainly don’t want to see a PT 2x’s a week and spend the rest of my entire time ‘recovering’! I also like to get guidance about ‘things’ I can do at home to help me build up strength in-between sessions. Therabands, weights, balance discs and balls can be found on sale cheap so you can get the tools you need to do home stuff for under $100. But, you need two extra things: Copies of ‘instructions’ and ‘MOTIVATION’! W/o those last two? Not gonna go anywhere. And, they are the HARDEST things to get and do!
Doing things at home and at therapy? Can work wonders…if done right. Why a doc thinks it doesn’t work? Well, IMHO? Is he/she from outer space?
Gee whizz! We go from being ‘normal’ to bedridden and semi-crippled overnite…and they don’t think we need PT? Sure is cheaper than life in a wheelchair. I’ve been fighting this issue and still do, you are not alone! I hope you now have a bit of hope? Let us know…and be assertive about this…the choice is wheelchair or walk [albiet not too well or comfy?] I’ll take the walk any time! You? Hugs…