Ohh Dawna

August 29, 2008 at 1:48 am

Oh my goodness Dawna! I am so sorry to hear about your mother and what she is going through. Bless your heart! And bless her too! Could be your mother’s age too that is making it take longer. My mother has a weak immune system and when she get’s sick it lands her in the hospital everytime. Her immune system is very weak right now. That could be the culprit. Weaker immune system and age together!
Someone that is much younger has a better immune system to fight where other’s especially at an older age can’t fight as well. My mom is 73 now but she started having health issues in her early 60’s.
I got all teary eyed reading your post about your mom. I could feel your pain. It is very hard trying to help your parent and take care of your family also.
Give your mother all the love and support you can give her. Let her know she is needed and loved. Not only does this hurt the family. But inside her mind right now she has so many things she is thinking about. She’s in pain, has alot of fear and then depressed at the same time.
I think Jan spoke the right words. It’s a physical and mental challenge to fight this disease when it happens. And so many emotions and fears.
With her being her age and dealing with this so suddenly to then go 8 weeks with very little improvement. She may herself be wanting to give up because she is just so tired. Exhausted and can’t handle the exhaustion anymore!
Your mom also needs alot of prayers right now. And I will keep her on my list of prayers tonight. I hope her recovery gets better and she bounces out of this. But prayers are going to be her biggest support along with love and understanding. I wish you and you family my best!