Oh my goodness I missed the excitement!

October 4, 2008 at 3:57 pm

Drats! I go missing a few days and miss the excitement. Just got done adding up the Football Pool and Cheryl kicked our behinds. She is this weeks Football Queen. So if she comes in here give her a treat on behalf of me, Smiley and Dick S! Thought we could give her a party tonight! So Cheryl if your reading this.. What would you like to have? On the house tonight!
Emma is making all the kitchen treats, Jan is tending bar, Norb.. well we all know Norb.. he is playing pool right now and making the party happen! Me! I’m still drinking Ice pops, smoothies and really want some food. I did eat some but right now pureed mess!
Norb! Are you cooking steak on the grill tonight. I want mine well done! Big fat juicy steak too! I’m starving
Congrats Cheryl! 😀