Now this stuff has spread more

May 1, 2009 at 6:05 am

Saw on the news this morning that 16 States now have the virus with 257 confirmed. You know! Because of the economy and money they are just going to let this virus spread anyway no matter what. We will all just have to be more careful washing our hands and staying out of confined places that could spread the virus more easily. Either way though we are all prone to catching it. Just wash your hands everytime you touch something that has been touched by a stranger. When going shopping for groceries use a papertowel to hold on to the carts. After unloading your groceries wash your hands. Even when checking the mail make sure you wash your hands. Going out in the public for those with weak immune systems.. maybe purchasing a mask would help prevent this also from spreading.
Right now we all have to be more careful than usual in hopes it won’t spread any more than it has. Hopefully it will fizzle out and just go away soon!
In the meantime, enjoy your life! It’s too short anyway and each moment we have enjoy what we do have! Hugs
Linda H