Not many Dr really know

November 8, 2011 at 5:50 am

[QUOTE=Hedley LaMarr]Consult your doctor. You are near the upper limits now as I recall. Also ask your doctor about a combination of drugs to deal with the pain. The other drug is an anti-depressant that seems to help some when used with your neurontin. But remember, do nothing until you speak with your doctor.[/QUOTE]
I live in a CNF a nursing home and I have their best Doctor that works in this place, most of the Doctors I have talked to, have never worked with many GBS cases so that’s why I read all of the forums to try and get a better idea of whats being used by other Doctors who may have more practice and results treating post GBS nerve pain, its not your average pain and average pain meds don’t always work, so if you could let me know what anti-depressent is used with neurontin you might help me and others beat some pain.
Thanks and I only do what the doc says is ok and he is always trying to learn from me as I try to learn from everyone.