No appetite

September 16, 2007 at 11:21 am

Suzanne, no appetite and weight loss have plagued me since the onset of GBS (nearing 3 years now). I think the lousy hospital food kicked off the initial weight loss. My primary care Doc has always insisted on tests to make sure nothing else is wrong, internally. Upper GI, Colonoscopy, etc. Everything always checks out. So I have deduced that the appetite thing is one of my residuals. On days I am totally fatigued I notice the lack of interest in eating even more so. Stress seems to trigger nervous eating with most people, but it works just the opposite with me.
I make sure that what I eat is going to help with energy and don’t waste eating on worthless calories such as sugars and sweets. They tend to bog me down. I eat small amounts, but try to have something on hand to munch on for energy most of the day.
I was a comfortable size 12 most of my life. I’m now a 4 and not proud of it. I know this is not my natural weight, but am getting a hold on handling it.
Good Luck, eat healthy when you do eat. Some people live to eat. We need to eat to live.
Jay Dee