never heard of flickr

June 9, 2008 at 1:25 am

Im gonna have to go to those flickr things! Never heard of em. Is it something you pay for? Do business over? Just for fun? Sounds cool!

I am new here, so i was wondering today if there is some kind of photo gallery where you folks have been posting pictures, besides the ones in your profiles.

Found a new thing tonight that made me feel so relaxed! Remember that Bob Ross guy – the painter with the afro? My hubby recorded one of his shows today, because he was doing a light house scene (grandma used to take us to lighthouses when we were kids). The guy’s voice is as calm and relaxing as his paintings. You should try it sometime!

About writing – have you ever considered recording your thoughts when you arent able to write them down? Sometimes, my typing can’t keep up with my thoughts and emotions and i lose some of them. Haven’t tried recording myself, though. Not good at taking my own advice:rolleyes:

I write a lot, especially since ive gotten sick. Sometimes it is just about emotional stuff, but a lot about my health. Thought maybe it could help me or others in the future. Ever thought about writing as a career? Thats something we could do from home, i think. Wonder how to go about that? That is wonderful that you’ve won awards for your writing!!! You rock:cool: