Nerve Biopsy Proved the Diagnosis

January 26, 2011 at 9:57 pm

Even though I was not too keen on having the nerve biopsy (sural nerve), it was recommended by the neuro because the insurance company refused to pay for some expensive genetic testing. I had numerous blood tests, EMGs, MRIs, spinal tap, without a definitive diagnosis for the muscle weakness and numbness in my lower extremities. I was aware of the permanent numbness that is caused by the biopsy, but I was already numb so I did not realize the difference. There is always a chance for infection, but luckily I did not have problems like that. However, I did have to take a week off from work and keep my leg elevated because of the swelling. The pathology report was very detailed and clearly defined the problem so a diagnosis was made based on the nerve biopsy. The insurance company did not argue about the IVIG treatment once they got the path report. It was worth it to have some peace of mind to finally get a diagnosis of CIDP and best of all it provided concrete evidence that could not be denied.