NASCAR Officials…

February 18, 2007 at 11:54 am


NASCAR has tightened up, but they still have some cleaning-up to do:

In the Truck race Johnny Benson was clearly below the yellow line when he passed Travis Kvapil going to the finins line. I played it over, and over…no doubt. Announcers (whom else but Mikey) said Benson had already passed Kvapil before going below the yellow line – sorry, no way. So, Benson gets 2nd and Kvapil 3rd…but it’s still unofficial.

OK..Jeff Gordon’s 24 car did not pass post inspection “after” his Daytona victory – and because it was a “loose bolt” AND an approved NASCAR part…no penalty, other than starting at the back of the field? You and I know these cars have been checked, checked, and checked…and they know that ANY NASCAR APPROVED PART will not cause a penalty. Get serious!!

NOW..I am as much a fan of Tony Stewart (almost) as anyone – I live only 40 miles from his home town and in the same state of Indiana. NASCAR (said) has extra officials to watch for bump drafting, especially in the turns. So, how can Tony bump Kyle Busch in the middle of a turn (actually knock him out of the way), to the point Kyle goes sideways and nearly wrecks, and…no penalty? You can bet your ass that if it was Kyle Bush bumping Tony in the middle of turn there would have been a penalty.

SO…in my opinion, it still depends on WHO the driver is in NASCAR’s decisions – They have a limited list of favorite drivers, and when they forget about that list MAYBE it will get even better.