Reply To: Prayers Needed

April 2, 2008 at 7:25 pm

Well, Dad has a mass in his pancreas, the right kidney shutdown with a kidney stone in the ureter tube and the tube is dilated and the spot on the backside of his stomach on the outter side of the stomach is still hemorraging into his abdomen, which needs to stop before the surgeon will do his quad bypass and in turn treat the kidney and do whatever to the pancreas. Its a catch 22 with him right now. He is still in very, very critical condition according to his cardio. The icu psychosis is there and shows its head more and more. On top of that he has had nurszilla for 3 days.

Thanks for the Thoughts and Prayers and All the strength you guys are giving me to get through these days. Hugs to Everyone!:) My hubby will be home thursday for a couple days, I can’t wait!