My left hip replacement…

July 4, 2010 at 3:24 am

[SIZE=”3″][COLOR=”Magenta”]By the way, I am home from the Rehab Center, and my left hip is doing great – I still have some pain in the muscles, but the strength and overall condition is really doing well. So, I now have both hip replacements – and in about another 4-6 weeks my left hip should be as good as my right that was replaced April 20th. It really took a lot of hard work in therapy, but nothing like when I recovering from GBS…that was the hardest therapy (work) I’ve ever done in my life – but it was my life I was working for.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

Anyway, both surgeries went well, both therapy sessions went well, and I have eliminated two very painful joints in my body. After complete recovery with my hips, I will have my knees replaced…hopefully around September.
Thanks for Caring.