My ghost story!

October 8, 2008 at 5:07 pm

Don’t have a movie to tell but back in the early 80’s before I met my second husband, I had a boyfriend that wanted me to go to the Pocono Mountains with him to meet his mother. There was a lady that he worked with by the name of Grace and she thought alot of Enrico! He was Italian! Anyway, I decided to go with him to meet his mother.

Grace had been out of work and was dying of cancer. And she wanted Rico to be a palbearer at her funeral when she died. That very weekend we were upstairs and it was a very cold house with coal heat. She only had a two bedroom house so me and Rico had to share the same room. The bedroom door was left open so the heat would circulate. Both of us were sleeping and I suddenly felt a very cold draft. I opened my eyes and when I did I saw a lady standing in front of the bed on Rico’s side. I started freaking out! Rico woke up and asked me what was wrong and I told him his mother has ghost in her house. He started laughing at me!

The next morning, I was at the breakfast table and told him what I saw and described the lady all in detail. Rico looked at me funny and said that sounded just like Grace. I never met Grace in person but heard him talk of her often. So he knew I did not know what she looked like. A few minutes later the phone rings and it is Rico’s brother in law. They both worked at the same place and his brother in law was married to Rico’s sister. He called to tell Rico that Grace died last night and before she died she asked everybody to contact Rico and let him know she needed him to carry her to heaven!

So we left our trip early and came back home. He wanted me to go to the viewing with him and when we both got to the coffin, it was the same lady I saw in the room with us that night! I have had a few more experiences like this but will tell that in another story! Do you believe in ghost? Unless you see one for yourself you may wonder! But I believe in ghost!