Most chaotic Christmas ever

December 26, 2008 at 1:53 pm

Thanks Shirley &Terry, unfortunately things didn’t work out the way I hoped. We came to OK expecting a nice Christmas with my MIL, 84 and widowed, and Barbara (47), my SIL from Houston and her two boys (2 and 6). Barbara is more manic than ever, when she interacts with the boys she screams all the time and they are out of control. On top of that my MIL gets involved and the two end up in a shouting match. Normally, the boys are great kids and love to interact with me. Barbara is getting divorced from a violent husband who has bipolar disorder and never set boundaries with the boys.
Two days after we got here Carol got bronchitis and felt awful for several days. She is OK now but yesterday her mom started getting sick. This morning she had 103 fever and Carol took her to the hospital. She has bacterial bronchitis, lost consciousness, was put on respirator.
Here I am with a compromised immune system waiting to get hit. It’s a miracle I still feel fine. I walk the dog with my wheelchair and he loves it. Too bad it’s a country road and dirt gets caught in the wheels. It’s 70 today and the view of the Grand Lake out the Great Room windows is beautiful. I wished I could ride down to the boat dock but there is no way for me with the wheelchair.
I’ll take a nap instead. Carol should be back soon, at least for a little while.