more pain

February 27, 2010 at 12:44 pm

Since the nerve testing with the electric hot needle, I’ve been in quite a bit of pain for 3 days. Lots of burning spots on my legs and feet, some on my hands, lots of little purple bruises. Can’t sleep at night because of the pain.
And I was doing so much better. Now I have to heal again.

I’m one of the few people on this forum who have had no medical intervention or drugs for the GBS symptoms. I have been healing naturally for 2 1/3 years, taking acetaminophen for the pain when it is too hard to cope.
The docs testing has damaged me again. Frying the skin nerves with burning hot needles. And now I have to live with it when it’s so hard to heal GBS, and takes so much time, so much pain…

….actually, I’m feeling quite ticked-off at the moment, because of this experience. Now I have to recover from the effects of the tests. 😡
And it isn’t as if I have healthy nerves to spare, or even damaged nerves to spare for testing which yields me no gain. Feet hurt too much to walk now.
Sometimes I just feel like an injured dog, and would like to crawl away to heal or die. And that’s just what I have been doing for 2 1/3 years, and they can’t let well enough alone.
And then they say I have to get over my fear. :rolleyes:
Well, why am I afraid? Because they injured me with their vaccine, and then treated me with indifference. And now they finally want to poke around on me. Telling me that it won’t harm me. Oh yeah???? I’ll be the judge of that!!!

PS: I feel ice-cold today, and can’t warm up. I guess ‘Grumpy’ better go take a nap.
Sorry, but I really need this place to talk out my feelings and thoughts.