Moose Jaw

August 15, 2008 at 12:15 am

I went and googled Moose Jaw–has anyone ever said where this tavern is–you know, besides the word cyber? I haven’t read The Tavern 2007 years yet, maybe next week. Good Grief Jan-whiskey smugglings and Al Calpone and tunnels-they said on google that I would be called a Moose Javian as a resident. And I got my atlas out, we would be neighbors, sortof.:rolleyes:

I’m going to need more than this silly clawhammer, wonder if you could distract Stu with your sweetness while the delivery men can help me unload some tunnel equipment. SSSSHhhh-this is a secret tunnel. Jim can figure out the electricity part and Norb can find another beautiful barrel desgned door, can’t you Norb??????? Pretty Please. Just think how much Bat and her buddies will love this tunnel-they will be right at home. Three places to live-the tunnel, the cellar, and the tree in the main room.

Hey JanB-will need some boards to shore up our secret tunnel too.

Jim, when you get back from your hearing test, have a look at the gameroom Jans, Bat and I created? Good place for the dartboard?

Hey Holly or Stu, can you rustle me up a hot dog and fries? Chili on the dog if you have it. Thanks. I am here to tell you that you two are the greatest….