November 5, 2010 at 8:05 pm

My 4 year old daughter has reactive arthritis and cidp and her Rheumatologist treads lightly with her neuromuscular doctor. She did some research and found that the best medications for people with neuro problems is either something oral like mobic or naproxen or orencia which can be given right at the end of ivig. Her doctors both believe that the ivig is treating her arthritis. The reason that we have not gone with the orencia is because a virus called Parvo b19 is what caused her arthritis and cidp and orencia suppresses the immune system and they still want her body to try and fight off this virus so they are trying to avoid this. Her Rheumatologist was convinced that her arthritis was Rheumatoid until a big shot at the NIH said no it was caused by the virus. Her wrists are a mess. Best wishes.