Migraines and migraine equivalent

February 19, 2007 at 2:58 pm

My whollistic doctor told me that most headaches come from your stomach and I find that to be true in my case. He said to eat a peppermint candy to stop one. He thought it came from a stomach that was too acidic. I found that if I did not eat for awhile or if I ate the wrong foods that made my stomach too acidic, I got a migraine. I would stop it by eating a slice of pizza and a Pepsi. Usually junk food stopped it! It sweetened my stomach. It works every time but you have to take it before you get to the throwing up part.

I had a migaine equivalent where it did not hit the pain center of my brain but hit the vision center. As I sat in my classroom, I saw a hot dog suspended at the ceiling for a second. My doctor explained what happened. He also said that sometimes it hits other centers. You could get paralysis on one side of your body. I asked him how one would know if it were a stroke or a migraine equialent. He said that if the paralysis leaves, it wasn’t a stroke!

AS for losing vision, I lost most of my vision in my left eye and it was from eating soy. When I stopped, my vision returned. Luckily I figured it out before I got on medication. Doctors don’t have enough time to figure out what we are eating. I have blood type O. Soy is not good for us. I wonder how many of us that get migraines are blood type O. I’ll bet that a lot more O’s get migraines than blood type A’s.