Mess ups

December 31, 2006 at 3:45 pm

Nate had PT in the Hospital while he was in St Joseph in Orange, then he had it in Fountain Care until his insurance was cancelled for NO reason while he was paying Cobra for Blue Shield Insurance.
Then he couldn’t get any PT at all because MediCal would not pay for it on long term care.
It took me 5 mos for someone at Blue Shield to listen to me and resinstate his coverage.
They finally did with the help of the nice lady at Cobra who e-mailed them and sent them copies of Nate’s payments.
Suddenly someone figured out that they had cancelled him in ERROR.
Then PT came and took him for an evaluation that should have happened months before that. 3 days later they stood him up for the first time in 8 mos.
I took him home about 6 weeks later and he cancelled Blue Shield Cobra. I don’t blame him.
He qualified easily for MediCal in SD and here they seem to know what they’re doing.
Now it looks like things will get better finally. Its about time.
I just hope his transition from SSA Disability to SSI will go ok. He has that coming up next month.