Memory part…

March 22, 2007 at 5:55 pm

Are you saying that it was the written part of the driving test you did poorly, also known as the Permit Test? Or is there some other memory test that I am not aware of? My license was revoked 3 months after I came down with CIDP, as it was up for renewal & I couldn’t walk, nor did I have any use of my hands. That was in Nov of 2002. In order to get it back again in Feb of 2004, I had to retake the permit test as well as the driving test (with a letter from my neuro stating he thought I could drive again.) BTW I live in MN.

I knew I could pass the permit test, as I had taught driver’s ed before I got sick, so I knew the book backwards & forwards. I was worried about the actual driving test as I wear AFOs & have partially numb feet. Luckily I knew the two routes really well that they use from taking my students through it. But has your license actually been revoked or expired? Because if it hasn’t, I would suggest having someone take you on some dirt roads & make the determination youself if you can actually still drive safely. It might be better not to go through the route of the DMV at all.