Maybe there are other options

August 21, 2010 at 12:13 am

Whether or not there are, please let the stem cell people help you determine if you are eligible.

furthermore, they have a group dedicated to helping you with insurance.

You see, I went to Chicago’s NW Univ stemcell place for an evaluation recently and I learned a lot of things.

Notwithstanding that visit, I had an extensive clinical evaluation yesterday with a neuromuscular specialist at UCSD. Tha’s Univ of Calif San Diego Calif

He said something like “you probably would benefit from IVIG even more aggressively. And Rituxan is probably better than Imuran and it is much stronger. Results from Imuran can take up to one year. But, try IVIG on a 5 day schedule first. If it were me I would postpone stemcell transplant for now.”

standard warning: every case is different!