Mattyrae and all the others are correct!

August 10, 2010 at 7:06 pm

First off? Go SLOW! You will know when you are about at the point of overdoing things. Switching from task to task/exercise to exercise is good too. Because you don’t over ‘do’ with a whole lot of repeats all at once, as in life, we use some functions sporadically or intermittently, then too much of one thing at once.
Many athletes consider one day off training will require 3 days for each day off to ‘get back’ to where you were in the beginning. Sometimes it takes longer go achieve ‘normal’-like simple things! Be patient and DO NOT OVERDO!
See if your doctor can issue orders for home programs as well? I found that using a pillow to stand on [holding onto something, of course] can help strengthen the legs, rubber bands around your fingers can help you stretch open your hands and therabands can be used for lots of ‘building’ exercises!
So, you can get to do 40-50 sets of 10-stretches or contractions in bits of ten at home? You’ll find you can get up to 20-30 the therapist wants in less than 2 weeks, then it’s you up your home program get to 20-+ each time x10 at home.
You can often find some things on sale at KMart or WalMart or on-line at Netfitco…why pay full price and for less than $50-90. you are set! The PT is to help you learn to do and use these things SAFELY.
You must either avoid or change therapists if they are too ‘gung-ho!’? Sometimes educating them doesn’t hit the mark, then you could be ‘marked’ as an uncooperative patient–if that happens? Call the PT center manager and explain your issues and concerns. I sure hope you get lucky tho! Good therapists are getting harder to find and progress with than finding good doctors-and, WE ALL know what that is like!
Keep at it, it may seem uphill now? But if there are things you can do at home to build strength? DO THEM. They work! Hope and good things!