lp results

March 16, 2008 at 9:09 pm

Hi Guys, I saw my Neuro to review my lp results. It did not show any elevated protein in my spinal fluid.
Because of the weakness that I am experiencing, coupled with the results of my nerve conduction and emg, he wants to start me on ivig. He has me scheduled for a 5 day course, which we will do once a month for the next five to six months to see how I respond. I am hoping to start this week.
He also ordered a blood test that would show any paraproteins, to be done prior to the ivig .
My concern is wheather my insurance (United HealthCare) will balk at paying for the ivig, with my cidp dx. I have not had any problem with them paying to date. Any one had any have any experience with UHC ? And do you think that the lp will be an issue? Doc says he will send results from nc (severe damage) and emg (some damage) if they question dx. Makes me nervous, considering the cost of treatments .
I appreciate each of you for your willingness to share your victories as well as your struggles. When faced with the difficult circumstances that you face daily, it would be very easy to turn inward, and avoid participating in such a public forum. You each are a blessing!