Lori? Don’t ever forget….

August 27, 2010 at 10:27 pm

That your CANE which should be with you at all times [even if you don’t use it?] CAN be a good defensive weapon! I believe there are even ‘cane self-defense’ classes! No kidding! Just Google or whatever, it up….
Go get this turkey…. Try talking to your city or county prosecutor’s office or, just start w/the police and see where it goes. Do get to see your docs and get DOCUMENTATION of all your lumps and bruises to boot! The more the better, for YOU.
In the meantime? Make those calls, do what you must in that quarter? BUT MOSTLY LOOK AFTER YOURSELF!
Be strong as you can and don’t let this person bully you! As that is what they are doing. HUGS!