Long term use of drugs

December 20, 2008 at 6:00 am

Hi Linda,

I am with Jeff on that. Less weight to the dentist. Pretty much anything we put into our body, doesn’t work as well over time. Decongestants, Pain killers, etc. Don’t take more than you need and don’t mess with it if it isn’t broken.
I love the Gabapentin, I works well and my Labs come back perfect!

I do switch around my seasonal allergy drugs because they don’t work as well the longer I am on one particular type. for example 10 years ago I started in with Deconsal II and Zyrtec, did that for 4 yrs, then went to Clariton D, for a couple years, now I use Allegra D, all because of tolerance. Just for 5 months a year. spring til frost. tim