Let’s keep this thread going!

August 23, 2009 at 8:22 am

Stacy – I know your friend really appreciates the happiness you are bringing to her children by sharing from your children. YEAH!!!!! You are a kind and thoughtful person!

Dick S – this is a most positive thread, so like you, I want to see how we can keep this going so folks can still see the good things in their lives even if managing CIDP still has to be our main focus ….

So – an update. My new handyman (friend that needs some work) is doing an excellent job on those things I can’t do. Really is a win-win solution as he needs the work and I want the work done! He is really happy to be getting a little extra income while helping me. And my new home office looks GREAT! Much better than I had imagined … so now onward to my dining room! I told him I could keep him in work a couple of days/week until the end of this year. I figure I need to make my home as convenient as possible while I still can work and pay for it!

One of my employees is serving in Afganistan and we (my team and I) are making certain to send her care packages monthly. I got the sweetest email from her stating she loved the pedicure pkg we sent and she is grateful to know we care … and some other sweet things that made me feel good. She also included a picture of herself with her camel named “Thirsty” 😀 – must have a good sense of humor to be in her surroundings!

I always feel better about helping someone than doing for myself! However, I have to get used to accepting help so someone else can also feel good! So I accepted a wonderful gift from one of the other managers at work … she knew I was basically out of sick leave and donated 40 hours of her leave to me!!! That is a HUGE Blessing!!!!!!!

Every day, I have numerous things in which I can be thankful. Thank you, Dick S, for starting this thread and reminding us to name some of those thankful things!!! I hope and pray you are doing well ….