Just saw on the TV about new cases

April 27, 2009 at 1:24 am

Gosh! This stuff is spreading rather quickly. Last week 150 students got sick in Queens. But only 8 reported from the CDC were confirmed Swine Flu. Now they have 4 reported cases in Canada. 1 in New Zealand, 2 in Indiania, A possible 3rd case in Texas, California. Ohio! And no telling where else.
This stuff is getting bad in some places. 86 Mexicans dead so far and 1364 cases have been reported there.
Then they are telling people not to lock their doors and be too concerned! That the US so far has had no deaths and the people are getting over it! But what about us with poor immune systems?
Linda here is locking the door and not going out at all until this stuff runs it’s course. If it reached New York you know it’s gone to other States. People traveling everywhere on planes have pretty much brought this stuff to other states and countries.
This sounds like one very nasty virus! No telling how many more are going to catch it!