Just lost 26 GBS pounds

March 2, 2008 at 9:47 pm

I just finished several of the newest books – one is called GOOD CALORIES BAD CALORIES. It was over 400 pages and is recommended by Dr Mehmet Oz who is on Oprah’s show alot. I have studied health for 35 years – it is my passion. The book said that restricting calories doesn’t work. What does work is eating protein and cutting out all carbohydrates. It is much like Atikin’s. I combined eating right for my bloodtype along with Atkins. I did no exercise and dropped 26 pounds in three months. The last month it has leveled off. I think if I exercised a little, I would have lost more. But it is cold in Pennsylvania and I stay in my room with the space heater. Not only did I lose 26 pounds but my face is unbelievable. I took a bus the other day and a woman told me I had beautiful skin. It was glowing. I do not think I shall ever use make up on it again. I had average skin to start but now it is so healthy looking. So it has to be working. The medical profession has been wrong telling us to cut back on fat. We need to cut the refined carbohydrates out of our diet. To lose wieght you need to onoy have 20 grams of carbs – and that could be a salad. The book I mentioned above explains why diets do not work. There have been many flawed studies that were published. JUst eat protein for a few months. It will not hurt you. If you are an O, it is easier in my opinion. Since October I have eaten chicken, steaks, hamburgers, salmon, tilapia, shrimp, tuna, and eggs. No bread, pizza, rice, pasta, etc. I have not eaten fruit. The book explains how people have stayed on this for years and are healthy. Unfortunately I listen to the AMA and ate pasta thinking it was healthier – wrong. Eating this way will help prevent heart disease, diabetes, etc. PLus my immune system is so much healthier. Let me know if you need any more info. I would try this before I would go under any anaesthesis. I had GBS twice and I learned my lesson. MIne was from stress both times, but I would want another year before I put any chemical into my body – even dental novocaine I would avoid.