Just be careful taking too much B’s

September 1, 2008 at 7:44 am

Be very careful taking too much vitiman B’s. A person can take all the B-12 they wish to take for you can never overdose on B-12. They have two kinds of B-12 tablets and one is Sub-Lingual that melts under your tongue and get’s into the blood stream much faster and is absorbed in the blood stream. Certain medications no matter how much B’s you eat or take can absorb your B-12 causing you to not get any or not much at all! That is one reason I no longer can absorb mine and now have to have those nasty B-12 shots on a bi weekly basis plus the tablets under my tongue.
Folic acid is also one vitamin that is needed if you take alot of medications. That is very important you keep your folic acid. Vitamin D is another one that helps keep your bone density strength. Some medications can slowly eat away the bones in future years causing bone loss and osteosporisis.
B-6 on the other hand is one vitamin that is very dangerous for those with nervous system disorders. Too much of that can cause a toxic reaction and cause worse nervous system disorders meaning more nerve damage. I was taking the B-6 and one of my labs came back reading that I was getting a toxic reaction.
Foods! One fruit that you have heard me mention several times are ripe figs. Growing a tree of those and finding them around online is highly recommended. It helps keep the intestines and bowels working correctly. Early ancient medicinal fruit that does so many things. Even gets rid of warts.
Garden vegetables that are fresh are extremely good for you. Mine are grown without pesticides. Broccoli, Spinach and most Greens have alot of anti-oxidants in them.
But the B6! Stay away from that one! Too much of that can cause more nerve damage and most people get that in there foods anyway because of it being in the foods already.
Hope my advice helped!