It’s amazing what you remember years later?

February 10, 2011 at 7:27 pm

For me? it was that my vision went waay off normal changes about 3-4 months before my onset! And, then? Four months after onset? It was ‘almost’ back to where it was ‘before’ this all started!
It got soo strange it almost felt as if I was having CATARACTS all over again! I’d had surgery for [I]that[I][/I][/I] five years prior to my onset. My Optomitrist and Opthamologist both thought what was happening to me was ‘strange’ but, thot no further about it until waay later?
Well, we aren’t perfect machines. Worst fear is losing another of one’s senses! So…be super diligent with regular exams, and appointments when something goes ‘strange’…best to have it on record. If you don’t check it out? It can come back and bite you later on… Best to ‘get it off the list!’