Info on Emily

January 16, 2010 at 1:23 am

Emily is one of the young ones that unfortunately suffers with CIDP.

Her mom Kelly can give you much more information but this is the info that is posted under each of Kelly’s posts. She goes by Emilys mom.

Emily, 8 years old
Dx’d at 4 with CIDP w/cranial nerve involvement & right eye paralysis. Went 20 months relapse free with 20 grams of IVIG. Tried to wean her down from the IVIG from every 3 weeks to 1 month & started to go downhill. We caught it in time before any damage was done. Currently getting 20 grams of IVIG every 3 weeks & holding strong! We’re not giving up hope on reaching remission one day!

I hope that helps
Rhonda from Canada