Infection versus body rejecting

August 21, 2008 at 12:31 am

Absolutely spot on Kelly. As a retired RN, body rejections are relatively rare. PICC lines indeed require scrupulous cleanliness–very hard to maintain that is why many doctors are reluctant to put them in. Infection risk is extremely high.

[QUOTE=Emily’s_mom]Flower –

I don’t think your PICC lines became infected because of your body rejecting them. PICC lines are NOTORIOUS for becoming infected. You have to SUPER careful with them. Since your lines were infected in the actual tube that indicates that the infection came from outside the lines…such as when you were being hooked up to your meds or when the line was being flushed. That most often is caused when the cap isn’t cleaned thoroughly. I was told that it is not possible to have an actual in line infection come from within your body.

I was told that if your body was rejecting it then the infection would occur inside the body, most often where the line connects to the vein.

I know all of this because Emily had a Broviac catheter (tube hanging out of her chest) when she was 4. She had it for 5 months when we had a replacement nurse. 4 days after the nurse was there it became infected. They tested the germs & determined the nurse is a carrier. So infection like that can come from just about anywhere no matter how diligent you are with keeping the site clean, etc.

Also, most neurologists don’t want to put their CIDP patients under anesthesia. While your body is at rest the immune system can ramp up & start the attack all over again. That’s probably why you don’t feel well after having surgery. One of Emily’s dr’s wanted to put her under for some exploratory surgery & her neurologist refused to allow it.

I should also add that Emily has been put under anesthesia 8 times since she became ill. 3 of those times she was completely out…the others she was under “twilight”.

Hope that helps some,