Imperative doctor adjust treatment to Clinical Presentations

May 9, 2011 at 12:09 pm

Have whatever dialogue you must with your neurologist, with your written notes in hand, to discuss how much IVIG is enough. Oh, yeah the ‘textbook’ probably says 5 days loading dose followed by whatever- maybe 1 or two times per month.

Well, dive into the writings, quotes and podcasts of the experts paying particular attention to this phrase “…it is important to adjust the treatment to the individual patient’s Clinical presentation.”

Simply put, it means, to me, if you’re getting weaker or having worsening symptoms than you need more IVIG more often. My initial Rx from Mayo Clinic was for .4g/kg 2 times per week for three months!

Don’t blame the IVIG for not working if you don’t get enough of it.