IF you can afford to? Go get….

August 8, 2011 at 11:27 pm

a second or even a third opinion about the surgery. Sure is cheaper and quicker than sweating out all the ‘what ifs’. And, you might find a surgeon that you are happiest about working with.
Be sure however to let your neurologist know who is doing the procedure and that the surgeon knows what is what with you before going into the whole deal. That way, you have your docs working in concert for you as well as with you.
I’ve had three major and several minor surgeries since getting CIDP. And all my docs have worked together delightfully. The docs doing the surgery BTW? also get to learn a bit from a peer about CIDP and it’s quirks for us the surgery patients. It usually works out very well, with fewer complications than you expect.
Get it done! Please?