I’ve not had this, but met someone who had…

February 27, 2011 at 9:48 pm

When I first was introduced to IVIG at a doctors’ offices. This poor person had been thru mis-diagnoses 1-15 before my neuros ‘got the right one’!
The tale was frightening, and because of this? I give CIDP the utmost respect! She could not swallow at all, nor eat…had been in and out the ER & Intensive care several times for over a year before getting a diagnosis! Not to mention the weight loss and debilitation from that all and time off from work! Forget family life? The IVIG helped her get back to normal and to work and to LIFE.
The nervous system is simple yet complicated…what makes it messier is that the immune system attacks us each one is so many different ways. Just know you aren’t alone. It’s not in your head and you’re not crazy!
Best things to do? Is to learn about how CIDP can and does affect many, all the different ways and when something ‘new’ pops up? You know which doc to call!
Common sense, learning and reason will help us all get thru this! Hugs!