I’ve found this web site and it’s a wonder

February 26, 2011 at 8:56 pm

Thanks to others The INDEX alone is enuf to give some docs a bit of respect once we are diagnosed.
It IS a BIG list?
This focuses on the ‘demyelinating neuropathies’? it’s pretty big too..but more specific:
Happy reading?
Just go to the top and read all those goodies too, such as…all of it?
This web site ‘grows’ in it’s neuro issues and diagnostic aspects yearly…and it can give you a handle on whether yours is toxic, autoimmune, hereditary or a few other deliteful complications!
Every time I visit this site? I learn or take in more! It’s very tight/compact and at times, is hard to grasp all of it at once. Once your really done? You will know at least 70% of doc lingo! Just use it wisely and with suitable caution! Do Not EVER Panic! Just use it as a tool.
Hope this helps!