I too, notice thinning of hair etc from onset on?

October 26, 2010 at 9:42 pm

But I’ve also had some thyroid and cancer issues pop up along the way, so… nothing is definitive? [BTW? Both of these can and do affect nails, skin and hair!] See if you can get ANY copies of blood tests the CBC’s [complete blood counts? And/or Better yet? CMP’s Complete Metabolic counts] Look out for the ‘*’s on test results which indicate too high or too low! THEN take a look at the #’s which are near marginal…sometimes taking certain supplements can and do help in these quarters. Especially the Vit B’s and D’s!
One thing I did notice was the lack of hair growth on some parts normal for me and the extra growth on other parts… more than normal for me.
One site I’ve gotten from others is the following?:
URLhttp://telemedicine.org/stamford.htmURL…. Go to the index on the left side and click on ‘Diabetes in Skin Disease’ and I’ve been told to read the ‘Abstract and Introduction’…they’re chock full of info about now the skin reacts to not only diabetes, but other immune issues.
Try to keep your SKIN…the largest organ of any body? IN the best of condition possible! And then? Your insides as happy nutritionally as possible, I’m no health nut, but I do realize that my ability to asorb many key nutrients might likely be compromised…entering into the world of ‘supplements’ tho? Is as confusing, if not more confusing than CIDP! Only YOU can sort out all the info YOU need to feel you are doing all you can. AND, it can be a hassle at times for sure. BUT? At least you are TRYING TO HELP YOURSELF! Just don’t try the ‘cure all neuropathies’ for $69.95+ S&H! They don ‘t list all their ingredients and cost far more than buying stuff selectively and separately. Don’t get snookered.
Give it a whirl? A try and see if it helps! Mite be just what you need.
Hope laughter and hugs!