I too had one many years ago

November 25, 2008 at 5:11 am

I too had one many years ago with my insurance. She was a lady and was very nice. I was having a very hard time getting on disability. Thanks to her she helped me in getting it! She saw how sick I was and felt it best that I be placed in disability.
It does help the Insurance company but also helps the patient.
The insurance company I have now has really been good to me this year. No longer have a case manager like I did back then but have a Case Manager that calls me and helps me decide my medications in generics that will help me save some money.
There sure is a huge difference in the price of Plaquenil and Hydroxycloriquine think I misspelled that. Brain fogger this morning. LOL! Sometimes those case managers can get the ball rolling on the ways a person get’s treatment. They are actually not to bad!